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Announcing Appium Pro Training Workshops

Appium Pro Workshops

Over the course of the last few years since I've been working on Cloud Grey, doing all kinds of Appium and mobile testing consulting, I've noticed a huge need for high-quality Appium training. For this reason, a service I regularly provide my clients is the development of custom training for a specific team, based on the needs and skill level of the team (do they prefer Python over Java? do they have a greater need for performance testing than visual validation? etc...) This has gone really well for my clients, and I've learned a lot in the process! (Interested in custom training for your enterprise QA or dev team? Get in touch!)

Over time, I've realized that there's often a need not for a whole team but for one or a few people within an organization to level up their Appium or mobile testing skills. These people have been left out of Cloud Grey's training program so far, because their organization doesn't see the need to develop a custom training for just one or two people. For this reason, I've decided to develop a set of "standard" training workshops, and will be hosting these workshops all around the globe, in the hopes of bringing the best Appium and mobile testing training the world has to offer, to the world.

Because of the work I and Cloud Grey have been doing over the years with Appium Pro, delivering great Appium-related tips and tutorials, I thought that there's no better home for this new program than Appium Pro! For this reason I'm very happy to announce Appium Pro Training Workshops. Check out the link there for a full description of the first training workshop I'm offering, designed to take learners from an existing intermediate Appium skill level on a journey to understanding a host of more complex and advanced concepts and techniques, including performance testing, visual testing, and the use of AI for testing.

These workshops will consist of 2 full days of Appium training, will be led by me personally, and will be available on a first-come, first-served basis to a small group of people, to ensure a high-touch and hands-on environment with lots of help for everyone. I'm launching this program with two locations and dates already set:

To celebrate the initial launch of this workshop program, I'm offering a small set of tickets for each workshop at a dramatic discount of $500 off! Please take advantage of this opportunity and be one of the first Appium aficionados to get the best Appium training I think there is, anywhere. If you have any questions, or want to request a workshop on a different topic or in a different location, please drop me a line.